Welcome and thank you for visiting Trent Vale Gospel Hall.

Trent Vale Gospel Hall has an active ministry of sharing the Word of God with the people of North Staffordshire. We are located in the south west district of Stoke on Trent.

As an evangelical, Bible-believing local church, we welcome visitors to come and hear enthusiastic preaching of the Christian message at the Family and Evening services and also the teaching of the Word at the Bible  Studies.

For details of our meeting times on Sunday and throughout the week, please click here.

Trent Vale Gospel Hall

An Opportunity

In the four Gospels which are at the beginning the New Testament we  have a factual account of the birth, life, death – and the resurrection – of Jesus of Nazareth. The record  has been subject to intense scrutiny and meticulous translation.   Such is it’s importance that  it has been … Continue reading →